How to Get Started with Exit-Intent on OptinMonster

70% of theusers leave your website without making the choice you wanted them to make.

Exit-intent on OptinMonster will help websites to retain the visitors for longer duration by giving something to engage them while they intend to leave the site.

OptinMonster gives you a chance to bring in more sales with the exit-intent feature.

Can’t wait to get started?

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How does exit-intent work?

When a user visits your websites, they either scroll up or simply press the back button when they intend to exit.

This is where exit-intent comes into play.

By a set of carefully devised rules, exit-intent will display a pop-up message while the user is about to exit from the website.

You can set two different rules based on the sensitivity levels.

When the user is scrolling up, it’s evident that they are not interested in the content anymore.

So you would give them something to stick around.

You can choose the scroll up sensitivity as low or medium and set up the message.

When you choose the sensitivity as low or medium, the exit-intent for scroll up will be activated for your mobile campaign.

And, when you choose the sensitivity as high, exit-intent for pressing the back button will be activated along with the scroll up trigger.

Now is the time to lour your visitors with enticing offers they can’t reject.

This way, you can retain up to 2-4% of your visitors and turn them into a potential customer.

With the exit-intent feature from OptinMonster, the number of leads will increase and will bring in more sales eventually.

OptinMonster even provides templates for the pop-up messages which are to be displayed on triggering the exit-intent.

This way you can grow your email list or boost your sales.