Salient Features to Consider When Choosing a Reseller Web Hosting Plan

For a hosting reseller, one of the biggest challenges is to find the right service plan. With so many options available in the market today, the choice indeed becomes difficult. And any wrong decision can affect your reputation as a reseller host and cause you to lose your business. So, while you are scouting available option for the best hosting reseller plans, take some of these important aspects into consideration so that you can make a well-informed and smart decision.


As opposed to a website owner, you are not buying but instead selling your hosting service. As such, you have to make the best out of the money that you spend. You don’t want to opt for a cheaper plan from your reseller host and then end up offering poor services to your end clients. This can cause you more money in the future. So spend smart, but do not make it your deciding factor.

Hosting features

Like every business, reselling also needs proper planning and strategy. Whom are you targeting? Where and how do you plan to find your buyers? Depending on your audience, you have to decide on the hosting plan you buy from your reseller host. If you are going to serve clients in e-commerce or media business, then you need a plan with more storage and bandwidth. If your clients are in finance or legal business, then security should be your deciding factor.

Tech Support

Although you are selling hosting services to people, you are not a hosting company yourself. So, there will be times when your customers would need professional support, and you need to have provisions for the same. Hence, you need to find a reseller host, or rather a reseller plan which includes tech support round-the-clock and troubleshoot any server-related issues without any delay.


The idea of any business is to grow over time and scale its operations. And with reselling, it is the reseller host that should be capable enough to support your operations so you can grow exponentially. Make sure that you have the right resources and your hosting provider is able to furnish you with required services and support so you can work efficiently.

Control Panel

If you want to effectively and smoothly manage your client’s accounts, as well as your reseller account, you need to have complete access to a feature-rich control panel, which you can use without any hassle. Finding a hosting provider which provides you with those exact needs is important.

Summing up…

As a reseller, you must look at your hosting provider like a business partner and not just a service provider. You have to work with such a partner in tandem and for the long term, so ensuring that your host understands your needs, goals, and approach so they can provide you with the right solutions. Additionally, with your customers depending on you for their hosting needs, it becomes more important that your hosting provider equips you with the right resources and support, and let you succeed in your business!