With today’s level of technology, the business is turning into something we barely can follow anymore. New stuff is born every day and trends are changing as often as the weather seasons.

One of the most interesting new features of companies’ social network profiles and pages is the chatbot. This feature allows users to communicate with and eventually buy something from the virtual store by the help of a super-fast, precise, and powerful machine.

However, not every chatbot is the same. Some have artificial intelligence and can make much more than just simple communication, and others are programmed just enough to make the customers happy and explain what they need to know at the moment. If you don’t know what it is and you want to learn in details, click here to learn what chatbots are?

1. See what people want to know most of the time

Before you indulge in launching a bot and installing it on the social networks, read about what customers want to know most of the time.

Research what they used to ask when there was no bot installed and connected to your profile. When you do this, you’ll see that there’s a pattern between people and what they commonly ask.

Make sure you give clients the options they prefer most of the time. The most important issue with chatbots is that they are not personalized enough and they can’t follow the conversation making it precise. That’s why you need to predict and see what people usually ask so you can give them the answer before they even pop the question.

2. Make it original

No one likes sterile and boring answers. For example, if you’re a customer, would you prefer the robot talking to you to have a simple style that makes it obvious that it is a bot, or would you like to see that someone actually tried to do something about it and make it look more human?

Most people say they like the chatbot to be more fun and give them straight and clear answers but with a dose of relaxing tone.

3. Choose a great company for the task

Not everyone can create chatbots. You need to find the best company for your needs and hire them to do a personalized one by guiding them through the work.

One of the best is the Smart Bot Marketers who can do much more than just client conversations. They have the Zapier bot who can send mails, fill-up sheets with data, and much more. It’s like having an employee in your firm that you don’t have to pay for.

4. Make sure it leads to a sale

When you install it, make sure the marketing strategy is set to lead to a sale. Don’t make conversation that will guide the client off track and will only waste their time. Make sure the questions always lead to the next step that will make an order and will make a purchase.

For example, the bot usually offers a few questions or options of your choice. Make sure none of them is about the weather or something that’s not connected to your company and the products you’re selling.

This is important because research has shown that people have a short memory span and they might change their mind very fast if they are drawn to another direction instead of buying something from you.

5. Always have human support ready

Some people don’t like talking to computerized programs. Others actually love it. One research has shown that almost 70% of the users talking to bots said that they love the experience. The rest 30% said that they prefer talking to an actual human being.

Still, why waste that 30 %? On top of this, there’s always the possibility for some of the rest not to be able to make proper communication and get what they need. You have to think about these cases because else you might lose these sales. See some more stats here: https://ideal.com/5-stats-chatbots/.

That means it would be perfect if you always have a button ready to take the client to a human being and an employee that can help them in person. This is important because some people simply don’t understand the world of the internet but they somehow ended on your profile looking for something. It would be a shame if you lose these customers over a simple technical issue.

6. Do marketing on the marketing

Chatbots are trending right now. People love them but they need to know you have one installed on your page. It is wise if you advertise this moment occasionally on your page, the website, and everywhere where there will be a chance for it.

It’s a kind of a being on the right track. All great companies making millions of dollars now have these robots installed. It’s a trend and every businessman will tell you that not trying to be a part of what’s happening in the world can cost you a lot.

7. Choose wisely which network suits you best

When it comes to giant brands like Coca-Cola or Chevrolet, it’s not so important which network they’ll choose. They are active and famous everywhere. You, on the other hand, owning a business that’s not world-wide expanded, should wisely choose the network where most of the marketing will be focused.

Facebook is always a great choice. With 1.2 billion using its messenger app, you can be sure that lots of people will be able to get you. If you’re working on a business that is more famous on other social networks, then think about which one will fit best for this project.


Everyone that tried Zapier know how cool this thing is. Installing it means that you can sit back and relax knowing that a robot takes care of your business at all times.

It’s much better than a human being. It’s fast, precise, and leaves no room for any mistake. Using this makes you sure that everything’s under control.