What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads / AdWords is one of the best ways to advertise your business. You might have encountered a few searches at the top of the SERP with “Ad” written at the top-right corner of their banner. These are Google Ads which are paid advertisements targeting your keywords. These are not just random irrelevant ads, to ensure the quality of search, google promotes only qualified ads relevant to your search.

Investing in Google Ads is one of the best ways to boost your business. Instead of spending hundreds of hours to build up killer content and links, Google Ads places you on page 1 at the top of SERP. A certain amount (the CPC) is deducted from the budget every time someone clicks on the ad which redirects the user to the website.

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How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads are based on a pay-per-click algorithm. Multiple marketers compete against each other on the same keyword. In Google Ads, they make bids on the keywords which is the maximum they are willing to pay for a specific keyword. Google pairs your bid amount with the Quality Score of your Ad.

Quality Score is the assessment of the quality of your ads. It is quantified along with the keywords, landing page, etc. A high-Quality Score lowers the price and increases the precision of ads. Quality score and the bid, when taken together, make the Ad Rank. This is the position of the Ad on the SERP.

There are three options of bids:

1- Cost-per-click (CPC)

2- Cost-per-mille (CPM)

3- Cost-per-engagement (CPE)

Types of Google Ads-

There is a host of campaign services that Google provides. Each of these is suitable for different motives of advertising.

1- Search campaign– these are the ads that appear as texts in the SERP. They are a simple, yet effective form of marketing.

2- Display campaign– this campaign lets you reap the benefit of Google’s all-encompassing network of websites. Your ad becomes ubiquitous all over the internet. Google lets you advertise on third-party apps, on Gmail, on YouTube as a pre-roll video, etc.

Google has a partner base of over 2 million websites; it lets you reach out to over 90% of the internet users. This campaign is beneficial for building up the brand identity because people will see your brand more often and eventually, they will associate a reputation of your brand, but the customer intent is amiss in this campaign type.

3- Shopping campaign– these are an impactful way of ads when it comes to selling products instead of services. They let you display images of the products in the SERP and they target the audience according to their need for the product.

4- Video campaign– these appear as the ad video which rolls before you play a YouTube video. They must not be confused with display ads. These are specifically targeted at video audiences. They offer you options like a skippable and un-skippable video.

5- App campaign– Google furnishes this ad by taking the text and resources like images of yours.

How to Use Google Ads- 

The process starts with creating an account on Google for your brand or business. After creating the account, follow these steps-

1- Visit the Google Ads homepage. Then select the ‘start now’ button. You’ll be sent to the dashboard where you have to select the ‘new campaign’ option. You must have a clear goal in your mind and accordingly choose the campaign which aligns with your intent.

2- Click on ‘next’. Then provide your business name.

3- Select ‘next’. Now add the URL of your page. You can also select the keyword of your ad at this stage.

4- Select ‘next’. Now choose the targeted audience based on location.

5- Select ‘next’. At this step, you will be able to create an ad for your brand.

6- After creating the Ad, the billing page will appear and after submitting the details, your ad will be created.


It would be a mistake to underestimate the calibre of Google Ads. The precision of Google ads coupled with their coverage of audience makes them the most optimal way of advertising for your business.