Though there are other forms of marketing, email marketing still dominates the digital marketing Columbus Ohio scene due to its popularity and effectiveness.


The modern discourse on digital marketing involves social media, SEO, blogging, and other online systems and practices. With these dominating the conversations around digital marketing in 2020, businesses and their owners might be wondering if email marketing is still remotely relevant. According to an established digital marketing firm Columbus Ohio, email marketing still commands more relevance than it seems. With a lot of statistics and conclusive evidence outlining its essence in 2020, it is only natural for your business to have a robust email marketing strategy in place.

A Digital Marketing Columbus, Ohio, Expert Simplifies Email Marketing for You:


Email marketing is just another efficient tool to proliferate your digital business strategy. Email marketing involves reaching out to consumers by using email as a means of promoting products and services. But according to an expert on digital marketing Columbus Ohio, the definition of email marketing surpasses this to a reasonable extent. Most of the professionals involved with marketing companies Columbus Ohio feel that email marketing has a valid scope of appearing as a more personal marketing method than other forms of marketing. Email marketing also offers businesses a wholesome opportunity to reach out to existing customers and meet new ones and establish relationships with personal messages.

A prolific web design Columbus Ohio expert who also has quite an authority in digital marketing considers email marketing a growth hack for businesses. It is because email marketing provides a considerably higher ROI than online ads, PR, TV, direct mail, radio, telemarketing, social media, and event sponsorships. Since it is more cost-effective than other methods of digital marketing Columbus Ohio, it should always be taken into consideration.

Ways in Which Your Business Can Leverage from Email Marketing?

A company specializing in digital marketing solutions and web design Columbus Ohio says that any business can gain a lot of leverage from email marketing endeavors. If the marketing strategies of a business are properly supervised, email marketing needs to have a generous fraction, amongst other digital marketing methods. Let’s explore why.

●        A Considerably High ROI:

According to research carried out by industry experts amongst marketing companies Columbus Ohio, email marketing strategies generate 38 USD for every 1 USD spent. The ROI stands at a staggering 3800%, which is higher than other marketing methods, but it is remarkable considering its magnitude. Therefore, a reliable marketing firm Columbus Ohio will always advise businesses to invest in email marketings as it is a highly favorable deal.

●        An Opportunity to Reach A Broad Audience:

A statistic provided by an expert marketing firm Columbus Ohio shows that email marketing has a significant edge over social media. Though everyone might not have a social media account, almost 92% of internet users possess a valid email account. It is usual for people to have an email address because of academic, work-related, or other personal uses. Therefore, email marketing is one of the foremost routes of reaching out to a wide array of customers, and every brand should invest in it copiously.

●        Emails Intersect with Consumer Behavior:

Since 99% of the consumers actively use their emails each day, it is habitual to open their inboxes and see the texts that have arrived. It is a huge percentage, and it encompasses every information about the demographics that should be considered. Marketing companies Columbus Ohio suggest that email campaigns are the tried and tested paths for brands to reach existing and potential customers.

●        An Underlying Sense of Urgency:

One of the digital marketing Columbus Ohio experts has revealed an astonishing statistic. It says that over 58% of internet users check their emails before doing anything else on their devices when they come online. It proves that emails are omnipresent in the lives of people these days. Since people attach such a level of gravity to emails, a brand present in their inbox will attract their attention. It will also prove exceptionally beneficial for the business.

●        A Scope to Nurture Customers:

Email marketing provides a valuable way for a customer to engage fruitfully with a brand. According to a company excelling in digital marketing and web design Columbus Ohio, email marketing delivers an opportunity for a brand-viewer to become a brand-participant. Simple reminders about the products, services, shopping lists, and the like through emails encourage a customer to take another look at your business.

●        A Chance to Establish Credibility and Brand Awareness:

Email marketing is a sure way of establishing credibility and brand-awareness for business by being present in its customer’s inbox. It creates a familiarity with prospective customers and makes them conversant with the brand image. Thus, an expert digital marketing firm Columbus Ohio remarks that email marketing allows the customers to get directly involved with the brand’s products and services. According to a connoisseur of web design Columbus Ohio, emails should be visually pleasing, legible, lucid, and exhibit a sophisticated and professional design that complements other digital marketing forms.

●        Improvement in Website Traffic:

Emails campaigns provide the most straightforward routes for brands to get more traffic on their site. Email marketing proves to be exceptionally useful as the recipients need to click on a graphic content or an attachment to get redirected to a specific brand site. Experts of digital marketing Columbus Ohio believe that if the email appears valuable to the recipient, they will do the needful to land in the brand site. Emails often include promotions, and it leads to an increment in website traffic. Apart from this, emails are the most effective ways to advertise services, products, or classes that could be valuable to a target audience consisting of existing and prospective customers.

●        Email Marketing Strengthens Consumer Relationships:

According to a prolific company that delivers services including web design Columbus Ohio, a large number of their clients ask them for customized email templates. Email marketing is gaining immense popularity as it is more personalized. While social media marketing is targeted to a less personal audience, emails address a customer by his name and start the promotion in a more specific and personalized manner. This aspect of email marketing is precious to businesses as it allows them to build a direct relationship with the consumer.

Therefore, every digital marketing Columbus Ohio maestro feels that email marketing and email campaigns are among the best cost-effective strategies to showcase your business and brand in 2020.