Funneling means channeling bigger quantity, that is getting smaller on the way, through a path that’s getting narrower. This is the simplest definition which will help us to understand what is the website conversion funneling, why it is important and how to take advantage of it when it comes to improving our business and achieving goals.

Website conversion funneling can be divided into four stages and every next stage is attracting a smaller quantity of customers. That’s a natural way that it goes, from marketing to actually getting people to buy something or whatever your goal might be. It can be as simple as subscribing to a website, but even in that case, there exists a funneling that leads interested people to take action. Read more about it here:


The awareness part in a funnel is the widest which means it collects the biggest range of potential clients. Not all of them are going to proceed to the next step and it doesn’t mean that if the group is bigger we have more chance of attracting the targeted group of people. That’s why we want the right people to be aware of our business. Even then not all of them are going to become our followers, subscribers, clients or whatever we desire them to be.

Awareness can be achieved through PPC campaigns. They allow us targeting people who search our type of services and leading them to our advertisements. We can get to them through organic search also, which will cost us less money. Another way is through social media. With the right targeting, we could quickly reach a great number of potential interested folks. Read more on this page.


When we talk about website conversion, in order to build interest you will need to update your content and design. It’s the part that comes after awareness and will have less audience. You will need to present yourself in a good way and inform them about your products, services and your company. You should figure out what questions they might have about your business to be ready to answer them.

Because content means a lot here, you will need a great copywriter that will write guides or interesting articles that will make the customers interested. One of the tips is to make them sign up to access these guides that will make them closer to your service. When you have their information, you can send them more content that moves them through your funnel. At this point, customers will evaluate your product or service.


If your customers show some kind of interest even if it’s just looking at the product, you need to go a step further and make them think they need it. This can be done through a drip campaign and the goal is to build a relationship with the customer. One simple thing you need to remember is that people are looking for something that will solve a problem. If you can find a problem that your service or product can solve, you are on the right path.

You will need to hire someone that has experience here because it’s a very crucial part of converting visitors to buyers. When you present yourself in such a way, people will start to consider it but also they will compare what you have to other companies. That’s why an experienced copywriter is required he will know how to make sure that your company stands out.

Take Action

When your audience thinks they need something you offer, the last step you need to do is take action. You need to know how to approach them when the sale is almost made. Many people make mistakes here even if it’s the easiest part. It is considered as taking action when they signed up but you want to make that sale.

Only a small number of prospects will get to this point. If you have 1 to 2% of the number that has awareness of your company, it is considered a success. It’s hard to make it profitable the first time you do it but you will learn a lot by looking at how the customer is behaving on your website. You can make instant changes so they can stay longer.