Link Building is an off-page SEO technique that works well. Well-included relevant backlinks with right Anchor Text lead to well-poised website that gets good Domain Authority and generates better organic traffic. As internet changes, so do Link Building. As Digital Marketing sees many technological improvements, so do the Link Building methodologies.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

We often come across news articles without mentioning the brand names of businesses. Maybe that is okay with news articles purposely not willing to attribute it to a brand publicly for fear of legal repercussions. But when it comes to lack of Brand Mentions and that too without a backlink to the business promoter’s website, such an action would deny the website of its traffic and Domain Authority score due to it. If the purpose of not using Brand Mentions is to prompt clicks on the Anchor Texts and drive traffic to the webpage, then it is acceptable because it brings visitors to the website through a masked brand strategy. But if, however, the Brand Mentions are made and the backlinks are not set, it does no good for the Business owner’s website. It is a wasted opportunity as far as SEO is concerned. It must be fixed right away.

Local Link Building 

It is the way of getting the links from local websites and web portals on your website. Mostly, the start-ups do this to their advantages effectively. Local Link Building poses a little challenge as local opportunities will be limited when compared with vistas and opportunities available for global promotions. Local Link Building is the process of creating backlinks from websites or any online platforms that focuses on a specific locality or local place. Such Local Link Building Agency efforts enhance Local SEO. Search Engines give a great deal of importance for Local SEO as they give these Local Websites and Web Pages high ranking and bring them on top in SERP for Local Search Terms or Local Queries.

This is augmented by the use of localized keywords or metatags in the content wherever backlinks are placed. This is a huge SEO success factor and strategy as local population always looks for local websites to fulfill their local needs and information and account for huge regular local traffic to your website.

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Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the most adopted and appreciated ways of Link Building. When you surf the internet, you can come across a plethora of websites and blogs related to your line of business or activity. Among them, you can find websites and blogs of high repute and popularity. Guest Blogging is contacting them through email and requesting to them to place your Website URLs called Backlinks on their Sites in exchange of quality articles from you.

Guest Blogging does a lot good to your website. Some of the multiple benefits, Guest Blogging offers are as follows:

–          Guest Blogging increases the trustworthiness and credibility of your brand and website.

–          Guest Blogging gives required exposure for your website in your field of activity.

–          As a result of Guest Blogging, your website traffic increases by leaps and bounds through backlinks.

–          As these third party websites or blogs enjoy already have high Domain Authority, the presence of your backlinks earns your web page huge Page Authority, and thus Page Ranking in search engines.

Content Based Link Building

Link Building planning has to be broad-based and should not be limited to very few methods and methodologies. Internet has got diverse types of platforms and each platform’s reach and benefits may be fully matched by other types of platforms. Every platform is different in its own unique way. So, in order not to miss out of opportunities, Link Building has to be undertaken from multiple fronts and the overall benefits of the Link Building process have to be realized.

Content-based Link Building is the process of having URLs tactfully placed amidst resource articles and learning materials as external links to your website as offering to these content readers and web users additional and supporting information on the subject that they are purportedly reading.

Through this way of Content Marketing, you are embedding your URL links within contextual texts or related subject information in some external websites that belong to a third party or you with a view to get referral visits to your website. Your website in this backlinking process is termed “Linkable Asset”, a website perceived to be worth citing or referencing to.

Linkable Assets are expected to offer quality content related to the referring website’s subject matter and non-commercial in nature at the outset and typically should hold the premium position and that, those links have to be stable.

In Content-based Link Building, the Content Production part assumes paramount importance because it is all about content here. Content holds sway in Content Marketing – content brings traffic, retains traffic, refers traffic, builds relativity and so forth. Consider an example. A educational coaching institute owns a website. They produce various types of content and publish all over the internet such as through blog, Press Release websites, their social media, Guest Posts, micro Landing Pages, Mobile Apps, White Papers, etc. Their varying content types ae such as course promotion, new product launches, company announcements, news and events, study tips, etc., Now, if their Content Marketing has to be relevant, they have to connect each piece of content via backlinks to the most related webpage of the their website for achieving context relevance.  If more effectively done, their Content-based Link Building Strategy helps them to achieve their overall Content Marketing objectives.

Start with a Strategy

Before undertaking the process of Link Building, you must devise a strategy as to how best to take it forward. Lack of a proper strategy will not yield desired results and also makes the Link Building process cumbersome because no priorities and time tables are set.

It would help if you set out with a plan before heading out to do Link Building. The strategy should have both long-term and short-term perspectives. With a clear vision and understanding how the backlinks to be created on various online platforms could be effectively support future business goals and how to moderate them if need be, Content Marketing Structure has to be framed and then implemented.

Use Tools

Before initiating the Link Building process, it is better keep the required web tools in place. Some of the popular tools are Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, and SEMrush.

Measure & Monitor the Progress

Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of your process will help you to determine if you are doing things right and if your goals are continuously being achieved. Continuous monitoring will help you to identify live and dead links and also to differentiate between the links that work better and the links that don’t. Based on the finding and analysis report, you can change course and plan a much better Link Building process.

Be Patient

Being patience is one of the virtues to hold and or to be adopted in the Link Building process until you achieve the desired results. If patience and perseverance are your forte, your success in backlinking process is more than ensured.

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