Integrating Stripe with your WordPress form is easier now with the introduction of the new feature.

The Stripe Addon for WordPress is the star.

It helps you add Stripe to your WordPress form which helps you collect payments right away.

It is easier than ever.

Anyone can do it just by following the instructions correctly.

Let’s begin!

1. Linking Your WordPress Site with Stripe

To begin with install WPForms on your WordPress site.

After that, install and activate Stripe addon.

Now open WPForms and then settings on your WordPress site.

From here, choose the currency in which the transactions are to be made.

Scroll down and click on the ‘connect with Stripe’ button in blue.

Now you will be directed to a section where you will have to authorize the connection between Stripe and your WordPress forms.

The screen you see might differ based on the status of your Stripe account.

You should meet the requirements mentioned in the page.

You’ll be redirected to the website’s admin panel.

The box adjacent to the connection status is to be checked.


2. Create Your WordPress Form

Now it’s time to create your WordPress form.

Once the connection between Stripe and your WordPress website is established, it’s time to create your WPForm.


You can edit an existing form or can create a new form.

While creating your WPForm, ensure that you have at least two fields.

This is mandatory for STripe to work with WPForms.

Item field and credit card filed are necessary.

Apart from this, you can add any number of fields to collect information which you need from the user.

3. Adding Stripe to your WPForms

Now it’s time to add Stripe to your WPForms.

Go to payments and then to Stripe.

From the Stripe panel activate ‘Enable Stripe payments

Adding a short description which can be displayed in the user’s credit card statement can also be done from here.

Enter a valid email id under Stripe payment receipt option.

This mail id will be used by Stripe to send transaction receipt to the users.

This is all that you have to do for one time payments.

Now for recurring payments, read further.

When you scroll down on the same page, you can see an option called Subscriptions.

Check the box under it upon which additional details will appear.

Fill in the details carefully.

You have successfully completed the process of adding Stripe to your WordPress forms.