A Business-To-Business (B2B) website often differs in theme and layout compared to a Business-To-Consumer (B2C) website. Often than not, many web designers fail to realize that there many crucial elements in a B2C website that contributes to a great user experience and customer journey. If you are looking for a web design company to do a revamp of your site or to design a website from scratch, do ensure that your web designer takes note of these pointers when he or she designs your website.

Optimized For Mobile

The number one mistake that you can do is to not optimize for mobile. With many users turning to mobile instead of desktop and even doing their online shopping via mobile, websites need to keep up with the trend to appeal to their target customers.

A website’s visual, content delivery and website elements all have to be adjusted to mobile. Do also note that most mobile users would be running on 3G or 4G and do not have the luxury of having a strong Wi-Fi signal. Thus, images and videos have to be optimized to ensure that the loading speed of the website is running optimally.

Trusted Payment Providers

With many hackers out there in the internet, it is to no surprise that many users do not trust the payment process in the website. Thus, it is crucial that your website provides the assurance that users will be able to pay securely. Many users are hesitant to convert into a loyal customer because of this factor. In addition, try to enable HTTPS on your website so that you can be more assured that your customers’ data is encrypted and protected.

The Share Button

The next thing that you want to ensure is that your site offers great content to your users. Not only that, but a great B2C website ensures that their website’s content is easy to share across various platforms. Allow your users to share both your products, services, and content. Placing social media sharing buttons throughout your website is one of the ways that you can do that.

Efficient Customer Service

Did you know that the abandon cart rate is usually high? One of the contributing factors to a high website’s bounce rate is when either customers can’t find what they are looking for within a minute or their questions are just not addressed or answered. Thus, to make it easy for users to find the answers that they are looking for, it would be a good idea to have an easy accessible live chat customer service hotline or even a chat button where a customer service personnel can help to speak to the customers. Your website also needs to have a contact information page where users can access your information easily and contact you for a follow up.

Easy Checkout Process

One of the last thing that you need is an easy checkout process in your website. When you are able to keep your user on your site for a long period of time, the next thing that you want them to do is to enquire or buy your product. Thus, you have to ensure that your checkout process is smooth and easy. Provide your customers the assurance by sending them a personalized email indicating that the product that they have purchased is on the way, and provide them their purchase history and receipts for easy reference.


Lastly, nothing beats providing your customers the assurance that you are indeed a reliable company that offers great quality products to many. Show them that you have a good track record of delivering as promised and you can be confident that your potential customers will have a higher chance of buying your product or converting into a loyal customer.