Caption: Small business owners have enough struggles, a website should not be one! These design tips will help you improve your website!

Alt: Notes with tips and charts, and a cup of coffee, symbolizing website design tips for small businesses.

Small business owners need every weapon at their disposal to keep their business running efficiently. Even though there is an array of strategies that can be applied to further improve the company, it is crucial to first concentrate on those strategies that have a high rate of success. With that in mind, the goal of this article is to cover the most important feature of any small business – a website. Running a website is the same as having an ID on the network. It is how your customers and other business partners get in touch with you. Since the web industry rapidly developed in the past decade, every website must keep up with current approaches and technologies. Let’s see what are the best website design tips for small businesses!

Is a website really necessary for a small business?

Simply speaking, yes, a website is a necessity for any small business. If you wish to advertise your business online, this step is crucial. But, how can your website stand out among the other websites in this digital ocean? Furthermore, will your budget be able to cover for it?

With these website design tips for small businesses, you will solve both of these issues in no time. Let’s see how!

Simplicity is the key

Everyone is hot for minimalistic design these days. Why is it so popular? Well, it takes a true artist to point out the gist of a website with just a few small details. People who are not informed about how a website should look like will put a lot of unnecessary details on their pages.

Caption: Simplicity is the key to any successful website. Always show only the necessary things, and make sure that they have proper positions on every page.

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First of all, you are spending a lot of time on the details you don’t need. Second, you are diverting your customer’s attention with these details. For that reason, your website should be as simple as possible, focusing only on what is important to the customer’s eye.

Do not hide contact details

While we talk about the simplicity of a website, make sure to put your contact info on a visible spot. You will find plenty of websites where the contact page does not have its own link. Instead, you have to either scroll down to the footer of the page or follow a path of URLs’ to reach the contact form.

For all small businesses that depend on their clients, showing your contact info is crucial.

Pick a unique design

It is hard to be unique when it comes to creating a website. All of the ideas are already used. Furthermore, there are so many website-creating platforms where you can use templates to quickly build a website. You will find a lot of websites that look alike. Nevertheless, a platform like WordPress greatly helps people who need an easily manageable website for an affordable price.

With that in mind, it is crucial that you stand out and have something unique. This is best discussed with the developer who is working on your website. While you can’t really re-discover the wheel, you can get good ideas about what will work for your type of business.

Hiring professionals like will not only make it easier to come up with a unique idea, but also have someone to manage your website and take care of all the little details.

Optimize your website for a mobile platform

One of the common mistakes that SMB owners make is that they do not ask for the optimization of the website so the users could see it on their mobile devices. It costs more, but the benefits are substantial. More than 80% of people use mobile instead of a PC for browsing the internet.

Caption: SEO optimization is crucial if you wish that others find your website.

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In fact, mobile optimization is so important that a lot of programming companies will refuse to create a website without it. It will represent them in a bad light.

Quick load time

One of the main principles of good web design is that any website should load as quickly as possible. Do not put the aesthetic aspect of a website in front of usability and UX. No customer likes to wait, especially now when everything can be acquired quickly.

According to the experts, the load time of your website should not be more than three seconds.

Turn your focus to SEO

If you do not spend enough time on search engine optimization, the result will be the same as if you do not have a website at all. It is crucial to follow the best SEO principles so Google can find your website and show it to your customers.

If you are not visible in the online world, your business doesn’t exist.

Protect your website

While serving your customers, you must also make sure your website is malware-free at all times. Hacker attacks are quite common, and you should not expose your business to any online issues.

Concentrate on the content

All other things aside, the star of your website is, and should always be the content. It is what makes your business tick. When thinking about website design, you should always put content and customer satisfaction in the first place, and plan everything accordingly.

Caption: The quality and the flow of content are crucial for any website.

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Pay special attention to the quality and relevance of what you put on your website. If you miss your targeted audience, the website will not have a lot of success.

Website design tips for small businesses

Let us quickly summarize what we covered in this article. Here is where you should turn your focus when building a website for a small business:

  • simplicity
  • mobile optimization
  • SEO
  • unique design
  • quick load time
  • visible contact details
  • website protection
  • quality and relevant content

If you follow these simple website design tips for small businesses, you can’t go wrong. The website will make an impact on the customer, and deliver when it comes to customer satisfaction and productivity. Good luck!