Okay, so are you looking for a feasible option to enable upload files fields on your WordPress forms…

… I got it. You are not alone because WordPress (or most of the plugins of WP) doesn’t allow this field by default with their forms.

But now you have good news- WPForms have introduced a new addon that allows you to add file upload fields to your forms.

That means, the visitors can now easily upload their files on your WordPress forms with security.

Let’s dive into how it’s done.

Step #1: Install WPForms & create your form with the file upload field

This is pretty simple.

Install and activate the WPForms plugin on your website.

Choose WPForms and then Add New from your WordPress website dashboard.

Create your form and name it. Let’s call it ‘File Upload Form’ now.

From the additional templates option below, you’ll have to choose and open the file upload form.

Ensure that you’ve activated Form Templates Pack Addon to see the file upload form in the options.

A drag and drop builder which is pre-built will be displayed.

The form will have the name, email and phone number fields by default.

To add fields of your choice, you can drag them from the left to the form.

Now, drag and drop file upload filed which will be under the fancy fields to your form.


You can even customize the field by clicking on it.

Label, description and style can be edited here.

Step 2: Add the File Upload Form to your WordPress Site

With the new plugin, you can add file upload forms anywhere on your website.

Go the update settings of the page you wish to add the file upload form on your website.

Choose the first icon below the page title.

Now click on Add WPForms icon.

WPForms widget will appear.

Choose your file upload form from the drop-down.

Update the page and your form will be published on the desired page.